Daily Routine

While I could continue writing about all the happenings that have led up  to me starting to blog, I’d like to break from that stream and share something more practical and hopefully helpful for you.  Having a daily routine that is the same from day to day has made an amazing difference in our family.  A routine helps the kids know what to expect from one moment to the next.  This gives them security and confidence.  They know the order of events and I am no longer bombarded with constant questions about what they can be doing or when they can do this or that.  Eliminating their questions allows me to focus on what needs to be done at that moment.  A routine that has been well though out helps me make sure all my responsibilities are taken care of in a timely manner.  Doing activities at the same time (or at least in the same order) each day reduces the number of decisions I need to make.  This saves time and energy on my part.

Throughout the rest of this week I will continue sharing more about daily routines and what they have looked like for our family.  Do you have any questions about this topic?  Do you have a routine?  How has it been helpful to you?  Do you still struggle with it?


One response to “Daily Routine

  1. Routine! R U kidding?

    All kidding aside, especially with public schooling, we have tried to put Jessica to bed at a reasonable hour.

    Her “routine” starts at 6 am and she goes to bed after homework is finished for the day, roughly 9 PM. Sometimes with clubs and choir, she is in school till after 4ish.

    It’s not always easy around the holidays, because now there are choir concerts thrown in and parties, etc.

    I always try to put the emphasis on God first, then everything seems to fall into place. Let Him make your schedule, not you.

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