Scheduling for Priorities

Over the past few weeks I have been working on creating a schedule for my family.  There are many activities that I keep saying I want to do, but never find the time for.  Some of those things are hobbies of my own like scrapbooking and writing.  But some are very relational and truly important.  I would like to spend one on one time each day with each of my children doing something that interests them.  I want them to know they are important to me.

But I have a problem.  I am a task oriented person.  I take great pleasure in starting on a project and working on it until it is completed and then crossing it off my “to-do” list.  The problem is that people are more important than tasks, and creating healthy relationships with people isn’t a task that is done once and crossed of the list.  It is easy to vacuum a room and cross it off my list and feel great about it.    But for some reason it is harder for me feel such accomplishment from playing with my children.  Therefore, I have found that I just don’t spend the time with them that I know I should.  I fear if I don’t show them now, how truly interested in them that I am, one day they will be pre-teens, teens and adults who don’t want to talk with me about the struggles they are facing.  Good communication and relational skill begin now.

I have had trouble fitting everything in on our family schedule that I want to do, in a way that will actually work.  For now, I don’t have one-on-one time with each child doing something they want to do each day.  Yet I have come to another solution.  Every day each child (old enough to stand) will help me prepare one meal.  This will at least give me time with each child alone each day, and provide an opportunity to do some life-skills training in the kitchen.  Then, I have a time slot each day for play with one of my kids.  So on Mondays I have a play date with Victoria, on Tuesdays it is with Will, etc.





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