Many people are talking about their New Year’s resolutions and making plans on how to achieve them.  The only New Year’s resolution I have ever kept is to never make another one again.  Even when I was young I thought it was absurd to only evaluate one’s life once a year for changes that need to be made in it.  Instead, I choose to set smaller goals for myself at certain points throughout the year.

It seems to me that with every change of season, I have renewed energy to make changes in how I do life.  At the change of each season, I make plans for what areas I need to work on improving in my life.  In addition to each seasonal evaluation, I also  set goals each month.  Some of them are personal, some are tasks, and some are for the kids.  This give me a shorter amount of time to be focused on an area that needs improvement.  The shorter time helps me stay focused on my goals.  After all, I only have 4 weeks to accomplish them instead of 52.  That doesn’t give me much room to procrastinate.

I said I don’t set New Year’s resolutions, but that is really only a half-truth.  I do at the end of each year enjoy looking back to see what I have accomplished.  My husband and I also enjoy going out sometime in January  and setting some family goals together for the next year.  So I do evaluate at the New Year, but that isn’t my focused, only once a year and then I forget about it, time of resolving to make change.

This January a few of my goals are:  1. read through the book of John.  2. Get the kids used to our new family schedule.  3. Tame the toys monster (some people have laundry monsters that visit their homes, we have a toy monster that needs to be demolished).  4. Make an area that I can scrapbook in easily, even if I only have 30 minutes free.   5.  Get through lesson 3 of Pimsleur’s Haitian Creole proficiently.

What goals are you setting for yourself right now?  What time frame have you set to accomplish them?


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