February Goals

It is a new month and time to re-evaluate last months’ goals and make new ones.  Here are last months goals again:

  1. Read through the book of John. (accomplished)
  2. Get the kids used to our new family schedule.   (accomplished)
  3. Tame the toys monster (not accomplished – I still feel so overwhelmed and defeated by this monster).
  4. Make an area that I can scrapbook in easily.  (accomplished)
  5. Get through lesson 3 of Pimsleur’s Haitian Creole proficiently.  (almost – I got through lesson 2)

I feel as though I did fairly well last month.  Here are a few of my personal goals for February.

  1. Blog at least one time a week (and twice on one week to make up for missing last week).
  2. Prayerfully evaluate one of my evening commitments.
  3. Have kids choose 5 things each to give away.
  4. Finish scrapping Aug ’08 family album pages.
  5. Get out at least one time with my husband and no kids.
  6. Read one book start to finish.
  7. Proficiently finish Pimsleur’s Haitian Creole lesson 3.
  8. Make 4 nursing covers – 2 for gifts and 2 to sell.
  9. Prayerfully consider how I can help the kids and I feel involved and helpful in Billy’s next trip to Haiti.

What are your goals for this month? How did you do with your January goals?


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