Need Parenting Help?

Calling all moms out there. . . Do you ever feel like pulling your hair out as you try to make sense of this new job we now have (parenting)  that has no instruction manual?  We all do at least one time or another.  I have only recently discovered a series of books that have already made my job easier to handle.  I wish so much that I had known about these books before Victoria was born.    So now, of course, I must pass the knowledge on to everyone who is interested.

“On Becoming Babywise” by Gary Ezzo saved my sanity.  The principles taught in this book seem so simple, and yet until I ready this book (on baby #3) I never really thought about it so much.  It teaches not only how to help your baby sleep better, but how it really is possible to start teaching and training your precious baby, from her first few weeks life, skills that will help in every stage of training as she grows.  I also really appreciate the emphasis the author puts on how important Mommy and Daddy’s relationship is for the health of the child.

Admittedly, there is quite a bit of controversy over the Babywise technique. Just do a quick Google and you will see for yourself.  I, however, firmly believe that even if you read the book and choose not to follow it EXACTLY, it will still help give you healthy guidelines that will help you baby get into a routine quicker.  Which (by the way) will help you greatly.  I would also like to note if you are interested in reading this book that you should really try to get a copy of the second edition.  The first edition has very rigid rules set forth, and the later versions worded things with more flexibility care.  As always , there are certain circumstances that require different actions.   Please do listen to your pediatrician’s advise and make decisions that you feel comfortable with after much prayer and consideration.

I cannot speak for all the books in this series, but I have read this one and “Book Two: Parenting Your Pre-Toddler 5-15 months”.  I have loved them both and look forward to reading the next one as soon as it comes in the mail.  I recommend both of these books to you with all my heart, and plan on including them in baby shower gifts to new mommies whenever I can.


One response to “Need Parenting Help?

  1. We use this with our third baby! It has made such a difference in our lives! I can not tell you what a wonderful baby she is and how different our lives our thanks to this program. We also have taken the rest of the series for our older children. We love it. If you get a chance to take Growing Kids God’s Way do it. It is so worth it!

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