March Goals

It’s a new month!  Yea!  And It’s filled with new goals.  Last month I pushed myself a little and set more goals than usual.  I had to work a little harder, and be a little more focused,  but I felt extremely satisfied at how much I accomplished beyond just the daily household chores.  I completed all of my goals except for one, and that one I did get half-way finished.

Here’s my line up for this month:

  1. Blog six times.
  2. Manage Will’s toys to make his room safer for James the crawler.
  3. Have each kid choose five more things to give away.
  4. Schedule a community scrap.
  5. Read one book, start to finish.
  6. Gather/Assemble twenty layettes for Billy to take to Haiti in April.
  7. One date night with Billy and no kids.
  8. Proficiently finish Pimsleur’s Haitian Creole lesson four.
  9. Finish scrapping Aug ’08 in Victoria’s Album.
  10. Choose phonic and math curriculum for next year.
  11. Decide if we will do a “Free Yard Sale” again this spring, and if so get it planned and organized.
  12. Rotate kids’ books.
  13. Reorganize kitchen cabinets so Victoria can put most of the dishes away herself.

Tall order for one month, but I think I can make it.  And even if not, I will have accomplished more by making a list of goals than just floating from day to day.  What are you trying to accomplish this month?


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