I often feel thirsty.  Do you?  I really struggle to drink enough water each day that my mouth feels satisfied.  Then, on the rare occasion that I am not thirsty, I may feel good and satisfied, but that feeling just doesn’t last long.  Recently, I was so thirsty that not only did my mouth crave water, but my whole body ached and I couldn’t even stand up.  I was sick because I needed water!

Lately, I’ve been pondering this issue of physical thirst and comparing it to spiritual thirst.  Jesus says “Whoever drinks of the water I give him will never be thirsty forever” (John 4:14 ESV).  Do I crave to be satisfied by Jesus the way my body craves water?  I’m sure I do; I’m sure everyone does whether they realize it is Jesus they need or not.  But, I also must ask myself: what am I doing about that craving?  How am I seeking to have that craving satisfied?  Certainly I can’t satisfy my spiritual thirst on my own, but I must be actively taking steps to seek Him and grow deeper.  Another question that concerns me is what am I doing to help others with their spiritual thirst?  As an introvert and a mother of 4 young children I find it very difficult to reach out beyond my own family.  I must spend time in prayer and be actively seeking opportunities to share with others.  It is hard for me, but being thirsty is an uncomfortable feeling and I’d like to share with others how to avoid being thirsty for eternity.  I want them to “never be thirsty forever” along with me someday.

What are you doing about your thirst or the thirst of those around you?


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