Pitcher Showers

Bath time has always been one of my kids’ favorite activities.  I know that is not the case for all children, but it is for mine.  They would stay in the tub for hours if I let them keep adding more hot water.  This was great when I only had one, and then two children.  But now I have 4.  Four baths can add up to a lot of time and water if I let them bathe their way all the time.

I do see playing in the water as a great time of educational exploration for my kids and so I do allow them freedom to play this way sometimes.  However, I have discovered a great alternative to getting them clean, that fortunately they still enjoy.  I call it a pitcher shower.  Quite simply, I fill a pitcher and pour only what is needed to get the child’s hair and body wet.  Then I wash her hair, while she washes her body.  Then the pitcher is used to rinse the hair and body.  Bath done.  5 minutes or less.

I started doing this at first just to save time.  But then I realized how much water it saved.  I use less than 1/2 a gallon for each child.  Compare that with how many gallons it takes to fill the tub each time.  Even if you only put a couple of inches of water in the tub, the savings is still noticeable on your bill.


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