May? Already?

Is it really May?  I hardly met half of my April goals.  Though it wasn’t because I slacked off and was lazy.  Billy’s trip to Haiti required much more of me than I expected or planned for.   God really blessed me by allowing me to help the Haiti team by assembling the baby layettes and packing their supply bags (and making sure none were over-weight).  He also blessed me while Billy was gone.  He taught me some important lessons about parenting styles and temporary-single-parenthood, and my own selfishness.  All that said, my May Goals list looks strangely similar to April’s list.  Here we go:

May Goals:

  1. Make a perpetual to-do list for the kitchen.
  2. Reorganize the school bookshelf.
  3. Blog six times.
  4. Relocate storage tubs of baby clothes.
  5. Finish scrapping August 2008.
  6. Make Victoria’s birthday scrapbook with her.
  7. Finish skills evaluation for Victoria.
  8. Look for missing Abeka reader.
  9. Assess summer clothing needs (including swim-wear).
  10. Plan a trip to Illinois???
  11. Get 3-4 year old class ready to hand over.
  12. Have a date with Billy.
  13. Complete Pimsleur Haitian Creole lesson 4.
That’s just a few of my more “practical” goals for the month.  What are you trying to get done?

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