In college I studied personality types and found the information very interesting and helpful as I relate to other people.  There are many different assessments available for figuring out what personality type an adult is. Once you know that information and gain an understanding in how to use that information,  it helps you to see a person’s strengths and focus areas.  Personally, this makes it easier for me to work with others as a team, and show grace more freely.

I have always known that if I could figure out what my children’s personality tendencies are, I could be a more effective (and understanding) parent.  Yet, until recently, I have been unable to find an assessment tool that would be fun for the kids and uses words they can relate to.

I’d like to share with you a new discovery.  It is called Kid’s Flag Page.  It is set up like a game/activity you play with your child, and includes a book to help you understand the results of the game.  Anyone could use this to help them be a better guide for their children.  I absolutely cannot wait for my opportunity to try it out!  You can check out this video to learn more.   Here is a give-a-way you can enter for your chance to win one.  Good luck!



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