Mission of Month: June 2011

I found another blogger who shares her monthly goals, just as I do, and has cute icons to go along with it.  Check out Mama Jenn to see what she is up to also. Here my accomplishments for May:I did complete a few bonus projects this month.  After the school shelf was re-organized, I turned the unsightly diaper box into a beautiful canvas tote.  My other fun project was turning an old sheet into curtains for the girls’ room.  Yea!  Now on to this month’s list.   Drum roll, please!

For June:

  1. Scrapbook September-November ’08 for all books.
  2. Review Pimsleur lessons 1-3.
  3. Finish making shorts for girls from holey jeans.
  4. Plan and celebrate Elizabeth’s birthday.
  5. Plan James’ birthday party.
  6. Plan a Tuesday night.
  7. At least one date with Billy.
  8. Plan Six Flags trip.
  9. Read one fiction book.
  10. Read one non-fiction book.
  11. Flat Stanley Project.
  12. Plan & Do “Play-School” with kids 4 days a week.
  13. Put away all of last year’s school stuff.
  14. Create a School Planner for next year.
  15. Lesson Plan 5 chapters for next year.
  16. Eliminate white toy cabinet.
  17. Have guests over 2-3 times.
That is a long list!  I’d better get moving.

One response to “Mission of Month: June 2011

  1. WOW! You are one motivated mama! I love how you are scrapbooking 2008! I don’t feel so bad now! I am at least 5 years behind!

    Thanks for joining in and linking up!

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