Parenting with Grace

Through following links from one link to another I stumbled upon a book titled “Grace Based Parenting” by Dr. Tim Kimmel.  I knew instantly that this was a book I needed to read.  I had the library order it for me and anticipated its arrival.  Now, having completed it I must say I feel as though I have been lovingly reprimanded for many of my parenting techniques.  Dr. Kimmel share through-out the book many real life examples of how important grace is in parenting.  To be clear, grace isn’t letting our children do whatever they want with no guidelines what-so-ever.  But  neither should parenting be about setting a bunch of rules that must be followed precisely.  The bottom line is God treats us with grace.  He provides us a secure love, a purpose in life and hope.  He allows us to be different, vulnerable, to talk freely with Him, and to make mistakes.  God shows us grace and if we want our children to grow up secure, confident, and Christ’s disciples, then we must get down on our knees and figure out what it means to parent them with grace.  I am so glad I read this book and I highly recommend it.  Now, I must get to the tough business of making life changes so that my children can know grace.


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