Fondant Fun

My daughter found a picture of a beautiful princess castle cake in one of my cake books and requested that I make that cake for her birthday.  It looked pretty simple so I agreed.  I didn’t quite process, however, that we would not be able to find safe (in our family that means milk free due to a severe milk allergy) candies to decorate it.  This  led me to try my hands at making fondant for the very first time.  A friend of mine uses fondant quite often and also has food allergies in her family so I asked her what recipe she uses.  This is the recipe I used and here are my observations.

  1. This is REALLY FUN!
  2. Either use a bowl with a handle for your melted marshmallow mixture, or plan on washing your hands between greasing your counter and dumping the mixture.
  3. DO NOT try this for the first time if you have young children awake in your care.
  4. It is messy, but didn’t take any longer to clean up than any of my other cooking or baking adventures.
  5. I found it surprisingly easy to roll out and shape the way I wanted it.
  6. It tastes much better than I remember.  Maybe I was prego every other time I’ve had it.
  7. The only negative I have to say is it was very difficult to knead after it had been in the fridge all night.  However, it did get easier after warming it slowly in the microwave.

If you enjoy decorating cakes and have never given fondant a try you have no idea what you are missing!


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