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Save on Wipes!

Here is a quick, money-saving tip for those still using store-bought baby wipes.  I recently watched a couple new moms tear their wipes in half before using them on their babies’ diaper changes.  They said they don’t really need the whole wipe.  I tried it for myself and found they are right!  I use the same number of half wipes as I would normally use whole wipes.  We just cut that expense in half!


Be a Cake Decorator!

One way we save money while making birthdays special for our kids is by making our own cakes.  For me, I actually got pushed into this scene when we learned my oldest child has a life-threatening allergy to milk.  We don’t even have the option of buying a store made cake for her.  Yet, I still wanted her to have special cakes, so, I began decorating cakes.  It does take a little trial and error, but there is a lot of help on-line for tips and techniques.   Cake decorating has become a tradition that the kids really get excited about.  They love getting to choose the theme of their cake and waiting to see how mom makes it happen.

Pitcher Showers

Bath time has always been one of my kids’ favorite activities.  I know that is not the case for all children, but it is for mine.  They would stay in the tub for hours if I let them keep adding more hot water.  This was great when I only had one, and then two children.  But now I have 4.  Four baths can add up to a lot of time and water if I let them bathe their way all the time.

I do see playing in the water as a great time of educational exploration for my kids and so I do allow them freedom to play this way sometimes.  However, I have discovered a great alternative to getting them clean, that fortunately they still enjoy.  I call it a pitcher shower.  Quite simply, I fill a pitcher and pour only what is needed to get the child’s hair and body wet.  Then I wash her hair, while she washes her body.  Then the pitcher is used to rinse the hair and body.  Bath done.  5 minutes or less.

I started doing this at first just to save time.  But then I realized how much water it saved.  I use less than 1/2 a gallon for each child.  Compare that with how many gallons it takes to fill the tub each time.  Even if you only put a couple of inches of water in the tub, the savings is still noticeable on your bill.